Ephemeral - Matthew Mudrick


Ephemeral is a Short Film created by students at Coppell High School. The film was  submitted to the Student Television Network Film Excellence Award, All American High School Film Festival, Oak Cliff Film Festival, Cineline International Film Festival, South Bay Student Video Festival, Los Angeles CineFest, and the Rising Star Film Festival in Dallas, TX where it has been nominated for Best Film and Best Director, winning Best Actress and Best Drama. The film was accepted into the All American High School Film Festival in New York City in 2016.

Ephemeral is a story about a girl named Sarah, who believes to have a true connection with her only friend. However feeling lost in the world of her own, Sarah’s misfortune is faced with real life situations, and denies to accept the truth of her beliefs, to be a fading condition of schizophrenia.

Ephemeral premiered at the Rising Star Film Festival in Dallas, TX at the Angelica Film Center. The film is currently available below or click here.


Film Screenshots

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